How to Get the Most Out of a Spray Tan in Moore OK

A spray tan is a popular option for men and women looking for a little color, but don’t want to spend hours out in the sun or in a tanning bed. In addition to waiting a long time for the results, people have legitimate concerns about the effects of UV rays on the skin. But a Spray Tan in Moore OK, can also be a challenge if not done correctly. For those interested in spray pigment, here are a couple of ways to get the best results.

Exfoliate Beforehand
Before heading out for a Spray Tan in Moore OK, take some time to exfoliate the skin. Ideally, use a product that is gritty to remove the top layer of dead skin. This will ensure that the spray tan lasts longer and looks even. Because shaving is a type of exfoliation, consider doing that in advance as well.

Skip Lotion and Makeup
On the day of the spray tan, skip the application of any type of lotion or makeup. Lotions can prevent an even coating and cause the pigment to look uneven. Makeup can provide a similar challenge, and it should not be removed until the first shower after the spray tan. Depending on the type of tan, this could mean waiting over ten hours before being able to remove the makeup. It makes more sense to skip it for the day and decrease the chances of running into a problem.

Bring Along Loose Fitting Clothing
When the spray is complete, individuals will need to spend a short amount of time making sure that the product dries on the skin. While it does tend to be sticky, the goal is to touch the skin as little as possible. Tight-fitting clothing could mean wiping off some of the product and causing streaks on the skin. Instead, wear loose-fitting clothes to the appointment or bring some along for immediately following. For women, to get the best results, skip a bra right after the tan. If one must be worn, consider loosely placing it on the body and leaving the straps tucked into the cup to prevent marks on the shoulders.

A spray tan provides a beautiful glow that looks like a person has spent hours relaxing in the sun.

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