Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Roofing Contractor in St. Augustine FL

Prior to hiring a Roofing Contractor in St. Augustine FL there are a number of questions that need to be asked. A sub-par job can mean that a homeowner or business owner has to invest in expensive repairs and leaks down the road. Prior to hiring any roofing contractor, be sure to ask the questions highlighted here.

What is the full name of the company and the physical address?

Be sure to ask the Roofing Contractor in St. Augustine FL for the full name of the company, as well as the actual, physical address. If the contractor is using a P.O. Box, be sure to request the physical location. Roofing services that do not have this should not be used.

Is the roofing company insured?

It is important for the roofing contractor being hired to have workman’s compensation insurance, as well as liability insurance to protect the home or business owner if an accident occurs. Workers compensation will protect the home or business owner if an employee is injured while working on the roof and liability will offer protection from any damage that is the result of the roofers during the replacement or repair process.

If the roofer does not have this type of coverage, the home or business owner may discover that they are responsible for all the costs, including medical bills, associated with the injury. In many cases, insurance policies held by the homeowner or the business owner will not cover this type of issue, which means it will have to be paid out of pocket.

Do they use roofing subcontractors?

Be sure to ask whether or not any part of the job is going to be handled by a subcontractor. If this is the case, then be sure to ask questions to the subcontractor, as well. The main question to ask is whether or not the service provider has insurance.

More information about roofing contractors and questions to ask prior to hiring them can be found by contacting the staff from Neal Strickland Roofing Inc. Take some time to get to know the service that is being used to be confident in what they are going to do. Failure to do this may result in needing more repairs soon. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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