How to Get Your Design Right with Electronic Assembly in California

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering the board design you invested so much time and money in is flawed. Slight miscalculations may require you to take a step back to analyze what could have gone wrong. Even when all the pieces fit, any error on the board can cause serious operational deficiencies. For you to avoid such costly problems, it is imperative that you work with electronic assembly in California from the get-go and get everything right the first time.

The tricks and tips put together below will help you succeed in your operations and avoid expensive re-spins.

Start with a Space Study

Great engineers start their ventures with a space study. The space study offers you the opportunity to map how significant elements (such as ICs, power supplies and other components of substantial height or size) are going to fit within the board area.

This phase also allows you to identify potential layout problems early giving you the chance to determine if you will require installation of substitute parts. This initial design process will help point out potential problems before you are in too deep.

The Pre-Layout SI Analysis

Space study results will provide crucial data for the pre-layout Signal Integrity (SI) analysis. It is best that you do not overlook this test until PCB routing is finalized. With approximate trace lengths, layer assignments and a first round stack up, you are good to run simulations using 3D field solvers.

A pre-layout SI analysis will help validate selected topologies and board components of high-speed signals. These results will even pinpoint any layout constraints, and minor refinements and tweaks can be made at this point.

Layer Count

The PCB’s overall thickness can be a source of significant challenges -; particularly when technology is incessantly shrinking while becoming increasingly complex. It is crucial that you consider layer usage early to prevent potential roadblocks that may require using PCB fabrication in an effort to make your design fit.
Consult Professionals

If in doubt, seek the services of a contract manufacturing firm you trust. Sometimes problems you might be experiencing with layer thickness, bulky components and layout, only require a fresh set of eyes to assess your requirements.

Stick to these tips, and you will always get it right especially when you collaborate with Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc., a professional electronic assembly company in California.

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