The Urgent Need For A Criminal Lawyer In Wichita, KS

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The state of Kansas enforces harsh punishments for drug violations that occur in their jurisdiction. Among the concepts that are monitored are possession, distribution, and sale of controlled substances. If you are arrested on a drug-related charge, it is within your best interests to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Wichita KS to represent you.

State-wide Crack Down

Kansas law enforcement officials are cracking down on controlled dangerous substances that are found within the state. The state classifies these drugs based on schedules that outline the likelihood of addiction and other dangerous behaviors that are linked to their usage. Schedule one drugs are among the most addictive and potentially fatal.

The penalties for possession of hallucinogenics, stimulants, and anabolic steroids that are classified under schedule one drugs is one year in jail and fines with a maximum of $2,500. A judge can increase these penalties if the accused has at least one prior drug convictions. When these circumstances are present, the charge is increased to a level 4 felony. The fines are increased to $100,000 and the maximum jail penalty is imposed. Any individual found in possession of schedule two drugs such as narcotics, stimulants, and opiates face felony charges and will be ordered to pay a fine that does not exceed $100,000.

With new drug laws, pharmacies and retail stores that provide medications that include ephedrine or similar substances are required by law to obtain information from any individual who buys them. These medications are used to create controlled dangerous drugs such as meth. If it is discovered that an individual is in possession of these drugs with the intent to manufacture and distribute meth, he or she will receive a jail sentence based on the quality of the drugs and previous convictions. However, the fine is this infraction are $300,000.

Kansas imposes strict punishments for violators of local drug laws. These laws apply to the purchase, redistribution, and chronic use of dangerous drugs that could pose a threat to the individual and the public. If you are arrested for a drug-related charge, you should hire a Criminal Lawyer in Wichita KS through Rocky Wiechman Law today.


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