How to Make a Cooling System Work Efficiently

A mist cooling system can make a covered outdoor area feel cool and refreshing even in the hottest summer temperatures and with the highest levels of humidity. But the output of the system is still influenced by outside factors which can affect how well it works and how much energy it consumes. Here are a few ways to ensure your system works as best as it can and cools even in extreme temperatures with no additional energy wastage:

1. Professional Installation

Most systems are fairly easy to install, but says that some factors such as water pressure can still affect it. In these circumstances, they recommend having a professional plumber install the system for you and do any plumbing work necessary to ensure it works well.

2. Monitor the System says that an essential part of installing and monitoring a mist cooling system is to regularly monitor the tubing, as vibrations and friction can wear it away. By checking it regularly, you will know when it is time to buy some replacement tubing or prevent existing tubing from becoming damaged. The filter also needs to be checked, cleaned, or replaced every month.

3. Save Energy

One major criticism of cooling systems is the amount of water and energy they use up. An obvious way to cut down on this is to turn off the system when it isn’t needed, especially during the winter. Unhook the pump and store it somewhere safely and drain the system entirely just before winter sets in. If the system isn’t needed for a day, the humidity isn’t too high, and there aren’t many people in the area, you can turn it off during these times as well.

With professional installation, proper maintenance, and common sense energy saving tactics, you can ensure your cooling system works well at all times without breaking or guzzling too much energy.

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