How To Prepare For Corporate Movers in West Orange, NJ

As a business grows, it’s going to need more and better office space, so a corporate move can be a very positive, if stressful event. The company will need to hire Corporate Movers in West Orange NJ to handle the relocation. However, there are many tasks that employees should take care of in order to prepare for the move. The following are some things that need to happen before the movers show up.

First of all, organize your staff so that someone is responsible for supervising each department during the move. In addition, make sure certain major tasks are covered, like disassembling and reassembling computer stations, unpacking at the new office, and cleaning up the old office.

Next, make an inventory of all furniture and equipment. As you do so, tag each item and color code it according to a map of the new office plan. Doing this will make it easy to get everything in the right place without a lot of micro-managing on your end. It’s also important to boxing and label all desk contents and other miscellaneous items.

If you’re moving from or to an office space that’s not on the ground floor, make sure to locate the elevators and determine whether or not they will hold your largest pieces of furniture or equipment. If you’re going to use elevators, you also need to reserve them in advance; this will likely require scheduling the move itself for a time when the elevators are not in high demand. If the elevators are not large enough, make sure to notify your moving company so that they can prepare accordingly.

Get the word out to your new location. Order new letterhead stationery and business cards with the current address and file a change of address with the post office. You’ll also want to mail out personal notifications to clients, suppliers, professional organizations, insurance companies, subscription services, and anyone else who needs to know.

A few more pre-move tasks include emptying the vending machine, pouring out any water remaining in the water dispenser, and removing the toner from the copy machine. For more tips from Corporate Movers in West Orange, NJ Contact General Moving Carriers.

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