Things To Know About Using A Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Hydraulic cylinders are also known as hydraulic motors. They are technically mechanical actuators that produce force in one direction via a piston ramming down on hydraulic fluid which in turn produces pressure on a second piston. It is this second piston that produces the greater force. A Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora is made up of many different parts that each has a different function. The main parts of a cylinder and their functions are as follows.

• Cylinder Barrel. The barrel is the part of the cylinder that holds the internal pressure in.

• Cylinder Cap. The chamber is enclosed at one end by the cylinder cap. It is typically connected by either welding or being bolted to the body.

• Cylinder Head. The chamber is enclosed at the other end by the cylinder head. It is connected to the body by threading or by being bolted.

• Piston. The piston functions by keeping the pressure zones separate inside the cylinder barrel.

• Piston Rod. This part connects the actuator to the part of the machine that performs the work.

• Seal Glands. These allow for the easy removal of the seals.

• Seals. Seals prevent oil from leaking from the pressurized body of the hydraulic cylinder.

There are two types of hydraulic cylinders used for industrial purposes. These would be a tie rod cylinder and a welded body cylinder. Tie rod cylinders are standardized per the National Fluid Power Association so that the cylinders made by different manufacturers share the same mountings. Welded body hydraulic cylinders are most commonly used in heavy equipment and construction work.

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