How to Protect Your Family from Radon Exposure

Radon gas is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that naturally occurs when decaying uranium gets in contact with the earth’s soil. While it’s present in the air you breathe, the buildup of radon in the air can lead to health problems like lung cancer. That can be a frightening thought. However, the health risks are entirely preventable. Here’s how to reduce or eliminate those health risks:

Test for it

Testing your home for radon is a good first step to making it safe from dangerous exposure to radon, according to The Exponent Telegram. Not sure how to get this done? There are home test kits you can use to screen for radon.

Go for radon-resistant features

If you’re shopping for a new home, you’ll want to go for radon-resistance construction. These are homes built with an eye to keeping radon gas out—along with other types of indoor pollution. From sealing all foundation cracks and openings to keeping your crawl space and basement well-insulated, new homes can provide you with the radon-free environment you want for your family.

Install a mitigation system

If you have radon levels of 4 or above, though, hiring a radon solutions provider to install a mitigation system is an excellent way to lower those high radon levels in your home. Even if the radon levels are high in your area, you can take steps to fix the problem, so don’t think it’s a lost cause.

Don’t rely on neighbor’s results

If a neighbor’s home doesn’t test positive for high radon content, that’s not a conclusive sign that your home is safe from dangerously high radon levels as well. Soil conditions might be different enough that your radon levels might turn out to be slightly elevated or even much, much higher. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look for a radon solutions provider to help you deal with the problem. Contact SWAT Environmental for more information.

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