How to Sell Scrap Metal Including Scrap Stainless Steel in Philadelphia

Did you know that you can clean your home and earn some money by collecting scrap metal? You may even elect to collect and sell other people’s scrap metal and make it a full-time business. The most common types of scrap metal include aluminum, copper, cast iron and Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia. It is, however, essential to note that most scrap metal dealers will often look for loyalty and consistency. You should build a relationship with a single dealer in order to get higher payouts.

Moreover, most scrap metal dealers will offer higher prices for cleaned metals. However, cleaning your scrap metal should not be limited to removing the dirt and grease, it should also include the removal of any other metals and impurities. Such impurities include nails, rivets, bolts and screws among others. In the event that you are working with stainless steel, aluminum, brass or copper, you may run a magnet test to ensure that your metal is completely clean.

It is also imperative that you sort your scrap metal on the basis of its type and grade. For instance, copper can be sorted into two categories, including solid copper with little corrosion and no brass and at least 95% copper with or without significant corrosion. On the other hand, aluminum can be sorted into five categories, and you can sell it as long as it is relatively clean, and it doesn’t contain steel. Aluminum is often considered clean when it contains less than 5% of other materials. The same applies to stainless steel and brass. However, copper does not make brass dirty.

After cleaning and sorting out your metal, contact a number of reputable scrap metal dealers in your area. Enquire about their current going price on the specific type of scrap metal you have. Subsequently, compare their prices to determine who is paying the most per dollar.

It is crucial that you sell your prepared scrap metal in large quantities, as most dealers will prefer to purchase bulk amounts. If you are contemplating selling scrap metal, including Scrap stainless steel in Philadelphia, go to to access reputable scrap metal buyers in the Philadelphia area.

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