How to Store Forklift Propane Tanks in Danbury CT

It is crucial for your business to inculcate safety and health policies along the production line in the workplace. If using forklifts in your operation, it is vital that you store the forklift propane tanks in Danbury CT properly.

Position of Forklift Propane Tanks in Storage

Forklift propane cylinders should be positioned such that the relief valve is in direct contact with the vapor space. When stored vertically upright, the relief valve in the tank communicates with the vapor space.

It is crucial that the safety relief valve is pointed away from anything that is likely to impede escaping propane and possibly start an accident or fire. When propane tanks are improperly stored, and the relief valve is in contact with the propane liquid, the escaping liquid can be a source of great danger.

Empty cylinders are traditionally placed upside down to indicate that they are empty. However, regardless of whether the tanks are full or empty, they must be stored in the vertically upright position.

Forklift Propane Cylinders Storage Location

Tanks awaiting use should be stored in well-ventilated locations, away from combustible and flammable materials as well as areas where ignition takes place (such as power points). Remember to store the propane cylinders in areas of low traffic and away from drains.

To enhance safety in your facility further, the storage area for your forklift propane tanks should have a solid or flat concrete surface. Ideally, the tanks should be placed in a secured cage and away from areas with substances like soil, dirt, mud and others likely to cause damage.

When Using Propane

Make sure that:

* You have a fire evacuation plan, first aid kit and fire extinguishers ready

* Hazchem LPG signs are clearly visible and tanks labeled

* Staff are trained on how to use LPG safely

* You acquire the safety data sheet from your LPG supplier

* Someone is directly responsible for the safekeeping of LPG stocks you have

In the Event of Leaks

Even the smallest of gas leaks can cause a fire. If you smell gas:

* Turn off supply at the cylinder as well as all other gas appliances, if possible

* Extinguish or remove possible ignition sources

* Open all windows and doors to increase ventilation

For more information on storage and safety procedures while using propane tanks in Danbury CT

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