How To Talk To An Atlanta PHP Developer

It can be a very real challenge for an Atlanta business owner or manager who is highly experienced in marketing, sales and business management to also have a top working knowledge of technical and IT jargon.

This can become even more complex when the business owner isn’t hiring a service to complete a specific task, such as design and develop a new website, but rather is looking for a very specific professional to complete a specialized part of website development.

When you need to hire a PHP developer, it is a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of the technical aspects of PHP. In many cases, just knowing what questions to ask and then talking to the potential candidate and asking for clarification in the answers will allow easy distinction between those that know PHP and those that are just using a lot of the jargon. Keep in mind, when hiring an Atlanta web development company these professionals will already be involved as part of the team.

PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework is used by a PHP developer as a structure or a starting point for a program. There are many different frameworks, including Zend, CAKE, CodeIgniter, and Symfony, all of which offer specific benefits and advantages. There are also PHP CMS frameworks that include Joomla and Drupal, which also have their advantages.

An important question to any PHP developer should be in the framework they recommend using for your specific needs and why they are selecting that framework. This can provide insight into the thought process of the individual developer as well as his or her understanding of the pros and cons of the various frameworks that are available.

Ask for an overview of the what the potential challenges may be in the PHP development for your website. This is also a good question to get more information on the experience of the individual and the ability to think through the job and plan for potential challenges in working with the server-side scripting.

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