3 Strategies To Use When Hiring A Magento Development Service

While the Magento eCommerce platform is a powerful tool to enhance any growing small to a large size of eCommerce business site, it is not a do-it-yourself, user-friendly type of system. The learning curve for running a Magento site is steep, which is why even in-house IT teams typically turn to Magento development services.

There are several different factors to consider when choosing a Magento developer. Typically, hiring a website design company specializing in eCommerce is the best option as they offer a team approach to small and large projects. This is very different than a single freelancer with limited resources and perhaps an already full workload.

Scope of the Project

It is important to know the scope of the project as well as the timeline when you start to talk to Magento development services. Do you need a new website, migration from another eCommerce platform or perhaps bugs fixed in your current Magento site?

It will be important to be precise with the timeline as well. Do you need the website in a week, a month or are these specific milestones you want to make over a few weeks?

The Budget

With any type of Magento development, service price will be a factor that is influenced by the experience and expertise of the company, the scope of the work and if it is a one-time setup or ongoing website maintenance after the initial development.

While the highest price may not be the best developer, the lowest price is not likely to be either. Look for a competitively priced company offering quality service with a proven reputation.

Developer Experience

Ask specifics of the development company about their specific experience with Magento. Avoid companies that are vague or seem to be unsure about the process they will use in developing your site.

Talking to the person directly responsible for your Magento site development and ongoing support should be a priority. This will allow you to get an understanding of how you can communicate and how effective this partnership will be.

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