How To Use A Fire Extinguisher in Des Moines IA To Keep A Facility Safe

A fire can start in an instant and quickly lead to complete structural devastation and personal injury. A fire department will respond as soon as possible, but it can take them several minutes to arrive and result in further devastation.

The single greatest tool to prevent injury and lessen the impact of a structural fire is to have a Fire Extinguisher in Des Moines IA available in several areas of a building. Here are just a few tips to help make them more efficient at fighting fires and preventing outbreaks.

Fire Extinguisher Placement Plan

A fire extinguisher is only useful if it is easily accessible. A building manager should draft a plan on the best locations for the extinguishers, and consider areas that are prone to fire hazards and the ability of those in a building to quickly access the devices in an emergency. Many companies provide employees with a copy of the plan and place it in an easily visible area so they can be located as quickly as possible.

Visual Inspection

It is important to have a Fire Extinguisher in Des Moines IA inspected at a minimum of once every 12 months. Also, a safety manager should conduct a visual inspection of all extinguishers on a monthly basis, and identify any damage or signs of use that could leave a unit unusable in an emergency. This will ensure all units are ready for use should a fire break out.

Recharge Services

When an extinguisher is used the pressure inside the container will quickly drop, and the flame retardant material will be depleted quickly. A fire protection company can recharge the devices and ensure each one is ready for use. While most come with a pressure gauge, it is a good idea to have the internal pressure tested with an external gauge to ensure an accurate charge level.

A fire extinguisher is only a life-saving device if it is ready for use. The team at Iowa Fire Control can help by providing regular extinguisher maintenance and the development of fire safety plans. Check out their site to learn more or call today to schedule an on-site safety evaluation, and ensure the occupants of a building will be safe should a fire occur.

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