Types of Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA

It may be difficult for individuals and organizations to choose a fire suppression system due to the different types in the market. Various factors such as the type of building, the nature of commercial or industrial activity taking place, purchase and installation cost, etc. must be considered when choosing a fire suppression system. The following are the different kinds of Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA.

Gas System

For IT firms and organizations with IT departments, a gas fire suppression system is the ideal choice. This kind of suppression systems are pressurized using nitrogen and are stored in liquid form. Once released, the gas contained in the equipment reacts with the fire and smothers it without reducing the volume of oxygen in the room. Gas fire suppression systems are easy to install and are best used in communication rooms, switch rooms, data rooms, etc.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Equipment

As the name implies, this kind of fire suppression system is meant for use in commercial kitchens. The nozzles of the system are positioned under the cookers and are designed to propel a kind of chemical foam immersed in a water-based agent. The equipment is activated by means of a manual switch or a heat link. Kitchen fire suppression equipment is easy to install and use and does not require any form of electrical/electronic work.

Water Mist Systems

This kind of fire suppression system is now replacing the water sprinkler system used in data centers and communication rooms. Water mist systems are used to suppress fire caused by electricity and flammable liquids. On evaporation, the mist reduces the volume of oxygen in the room thereby starving the fire. The agent used in these systems is inexpensive and can be easily replaced after discharge. Water mist systems do not require water storage tanks, large pumps, tank reservoirs, etc. and do not cause flooding or damage to sensitive equipment.

Foam Deluge System

This kind of fire suppression system is mostly used in environments where water or gas will cause untold damage to the equipment. It is mostly used in outdoor spaces where equipment such as oil tanks, transformers, oil silos, etc. are installed.

Individuals and organizations that want to purchase Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA should contact Iowa Fire Control. For more information and to make inquiries, visit the website.

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