Hurt in a Car Accident? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Queens, NY

Driving in the congested the New York City region can be quite a challenge. Drivers have to be alert and drive very carefully. When a person is stopped for a red light and a car hits them from behind, they can suffer a severe whiplash injury. If the driver who caused the accident was texting or putting on make up, then the driver was negligent. The injured person is entitled to damages to pay for their medical bills and missed work. Depending upon the severity of the injury, they may be entitled financial compensation for pain and suffering. They should call a personal injury attorney in Queens NY to learn about their rights.

Poor people often think that they can’t afford a lawyer to file the claim with the neglient driver’s insurance company. Therefore they just accept what the insurance company offers them for a settlement. This is a mistake. Insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders, not to help injured people. These initial offers are usually much less than what the injured person is entitled to. A personal injury attorney in Queens NY will take this type of case on a contingency basis. He gets paid a percentage of any financial settlement he wins for his client. He pays all the upfront costs of reviewing the case, negotiating a settlement and going to trial. If he doesn’t win a settlement he doesn’t get paid.

Injured people can be intimidated by the lawyers and investigators who work for the insurance company. Once a person has hired a Personal Injury Attorney, these people have to communicate through the attorney. This ensures that the person’s rights are protected. The insurance company looks for every reason not to pay a claim. They will try and get the medical records of the injured person. They will say that this is to make the claim process go more smoothly. However, they are really looking for any pre-existing condition that could have caused the current injury. The attorney will ensure that the insurance company doesn’t get any information that could jeopardize the person’s financial settlement. He will make sure they get the best possible settlement.

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