HVAC Contractors in Toledo OH Recommend Frequent Air Filter Changes

Anyone who owns an HVAC unit knows that the filter must be changed in order to ensure clean, pure air throughout the home. However, the reasons behind filter changes are not always clear. In this brief guide, readers can learn why it’s important to change the unit’s air filter on a regular basis.

Regular Changes Boost AC Performance

Drinking through a clogged straw is difficult, and an AC unit will similarly struggle to draw air in through a clogged air filter. By changing the filter regularly, the owner makes it easier for the unit to pull in clean air. This can improve the unit’s overall efficiency and lower the owner’s utility bills.

New Filters Can Reduce Operating Expenses

Regular filter changes can reduce the strain put on a system. A clean system does not struggle to pull air in from the outside, which means the fan motor and compressor don’t have to work as hard. When the unit’s internal components do not have to struggle to do their job, energy use declines. Regular service from HVAC Contractors in Toledo OH can also help to reduce overall operating expenses.

Fresh Filters Reduce Health Issues

Dirty air conditioner filters emit air that’s contaminated with mildew, mold, dust and pet dander, which can worsen or cause conditions such as asthma and sinus inflammation. When the filter is changed regularly, the owner creates a healthier, cleaner home for the family.

Reduced Repair Expenses

When the system is maintained with frequent filter changes, the owner can save money on repair costs by keeping the system running more efficiently for a longer time. When internal components are kept clean, they last longer and there’s less of a need for emergency service.

How Often Should Filters Be Changed?

The frequency of filter changes depends mostly on where the owner lives. Generally, though, HVAC contractors in Toledo OH recommend changing the air filter every 30 to 60 days. While such frequent changes may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is a vital step in preserving the efficiency and functionality of an HVAC unit. If the owner notices damage when changing the filter, they should Browse our website to set up a service appointment.

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