Identifying Violations Of Insurance Laws With A Medicaid Fraud Lawyer In Rockland County, NY

In New York, insurance fraud could lead to severe criminal penalties. It is defined as the use or acquisition of benefits unlawfully. Under applicable laws, the offender could face felony criminal charges. They could equate to welfare fraud or grand larceny. However, offenders who weren’t aware of these laws or that they were committing fraud could acquire a reduced sentence. A Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Rockland County NY helps individuals accused of these criminal offenses.

Using the Medical Coverage of a Policyholder

The use of any Medicaid benefits that do not belong to you is a criminal offense. The Medicaid policy is assigned to the policyholder only. Any use of these benefits to acquire medical treatment, surgical procedures, dental services, or the acquisition of medication by another party is fraud. Any violation of these terms could result in the dismissal of the policyholder’s benefits and legal action against the individual who isnt covered under the policy.

Presenting False Information to the Medicaid Provider

Any misrepresentation to acquire benefits could result in criminal action. Medicaid insurance is available to low-income individuals and families. The guidelines require all applicants to submit information about their income as well as earnings for their spouse or parents. If earnings are discovered that weren’t reported, the applicant could face criminal fraud charges. By signing the application and providing these details, the applicant could face the penalties of perjury.

Committing Fraud to Acquire Coverage

Non-custodial parents are guilty of fraud if they seek benefits for a child that doesn’t live with them. Under extended Medicaid guidelines, parents with lower incomes could acquire personal coverage if they have a child that qualifies for these benefits. Any non-custodial parent who applies for Medicaid benefits unlawfully to acquire their own coverage faces criminal charges for welfare fraud.

In New York, expanded Medicaid terms provide protection for policyholders. These terms provide wider coverage for low-income families. However, this could present a higher probability of fraudulent behavior by unethical individuals. Fraud in terms of insurance is based on how it is acquired and used. Individuals who are facing fraud charges should hire a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Rockland County NY by contacting Mark Aberasturi today.

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