Idex’s Rotary Gear Pumps: Ideal solution for Viscous Fluids

Centrifugal pumps are mostly suitable for low viscosity fluids as it suffers from friction losses when viscosity of the fluid increases. Rotary Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps wherein the fluid displacement takes place in between the space between two gears due to meshing of gears and are ideal solution for displacement of highly viscous fluid. The two meshing gears are known as rotor and idler & rotor which is connected to the shaft rotates the idler. The liquid is drawn from the inlet port into the space between the two gears and as the gear mesh, the space between the two gears gets closed thereby discharging the fluid via discharge port. The gears can be arranged internally as well as externally in the pump.

From Idex, Viking offers Rotary Gear Pumps which are used in Refineries for unloading heavy crude from railcars, tank farm transfer, high capacity terminal applications at various stages for transferring viscous chemicals in manufacturing, in food industry to handle chocolate & other confectionary, sugar, molasses, oil seeds processing, packaged food processing, in breweries and in many other industries like Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Fiber, Paints & Coatings, Water treatment etc. Viking has presence in the market from more than 100 years and is the one of the pioneer when it gear pump technology and innovation. It offers a range of gear pumps for various applications providing optimum solution for its customers.

For more details about Viking’s Rotary Vane Pumps, visit:

Alternatively you can email them your query on or call them on 1800 267 9955

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