If You Enjoy Making Your Friends Laugh Then You Need Second City

If you are one of the people who truly enjoy making people laugh, then Second City is for you!  They have some of the greatest comedians playing shows in Chicago, but did you know that this is one improv comedy club that gives classes?  They do! Consider taking comedy courses that are not only fun, but they could advance your blooming career as a comedian. You might even end up on the stage doing a show one night with your family and friends in the audience laughing uproariously at your routine.

All You Need to Do Is Take the First Step

Taking classes is easy all you need to do is just sign up.  Even better sign up with a friend!  If you find that you are not ready to bring your unique take on life to more than your friends, neighbors and co-workers, you will at least improve your communication skills with courses from a legendary theatre such as Second City.  Face it your confidence level may already be pretty high, but let’s get serious these classes will help build your self-confidence.  Why not have a good time while improving yourself?  Outgoing or shy, everybody loves to laugh and with these courses you can eliminate barriers that would otherwise inhibit your style of comedic genius.

There Are Even Classes for Children

We all know that when children learn teamwork and self-confidence they also learn how to overcome shyness and communication difficulties.  Those are lessons that stay with them all of their lives.  These types of classes also help them learn respect and patience for others.  They will also acquire valuable skills like honing their imagination. This all translates to thinking outside of the box, a skill that is valued by employers.

Attend Intensive and Fun Workshops

With the right comedy courses you can reach your dream of becoming an improv comedian.  You can take a three-day theory seminar, or an intensive writing workshop, and follow up with a combination of the two.  You may also be interested in immersion programs which are held in the summer and in the winter.

It Is Easy to Follow Your Dream

Some of the greatest comedians in the world have stepped onto the stage at Second City for their very first time, why not you as well?  Even if you only walk out there one time, perform your routine and leave, you did it.  Maybe you crossed another thing off your bucket list or called your best friend’s bluff.  Whatever reason you had, you accomplished what you set out to do!

Second City is an improv comedy club offering a wide range of classes for adults and children which will help boost self-confidence and communication skills for every age. Contact them to sign up for classes and get ready to have some fun.

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