The top female jazz vocalists of all time

Trumpeters and saxophonists, in jazz discussions, usually dominate the conversation, and it’s rightly so. Though, equally as important to the music, is the remainder of the band. While you probably have your own opinions of who the best bassists, pianists, and guitarists are, today we’ll concentrate on the female vocalists. Even though there will include numerous outstanding voices worthy of consideration, these will include the ten top Jazz Female Vocalist professionals of all time.

Blossom Dearie might not have had had the ability to do vocal gymnastics similar to some of the other ones on the list; however, she made up for this with her wispy, girlish, and warm vocal delivery. Her understated, but talented piano playing worked very well under her singing, especially on her Verve recordings of the 50s, which included her exceptional ‘59 self-titled record.

As Peggy Lee may be forever remembered for her sultry version of “Fever” that she recorded in ‘58, before this she’d already had a 2-year stint singing within Benny Goodman’s big band in the 1940s and released numerous solo recordings underneath her own name all throughout the 1940s and 1950s, which included the amazing ‘56 record, Black Coffee, featuring some excellent takes on its title track and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” by Cole Porter.

An excellent pianist, composer, and singer, Carmen McRae got her early beginnings singing with Mercer Ellington, Count Basie, and Benny Carter within the mid-1940s; however, it was her solo records of the 50s, such as Blue Moon and Torchy! which helped push her to the spotlight. McRae released numerous fine records all throughout the next 4 decades, which included the incredible ‘88 release, Carmen Sings Monk, featuring Denver’s Eric Gunnison playing piano.

If you are looking for a contemporary classic, someone out of a Film Noir movie set, consider the jazz vocal stylings of Sylvia Brooks. For more information on our Jazz Female Vocalist professionals contact us online.

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