Importance of Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners

Dust can be of different types. Some dust particles that are found in factories can cause serious health issues to the employee; therefore, you need to remove them safely. To remove combustible dust particles that are present in factories, we need to use explosion proof vacuum cleaners.

Why You Need to Use Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners?

People often believe that an ordinary vacuum cleaner will be able to remove combustible dust particles that are present in the factories. In fact, many industries used ordinary vacuum cleaners until late 2000. But, many tragedies like the accident in 2008 at a sugar plant in Georgia that killed 14 employees occurred. It was after these accidents, safety and health administration submitted strict safety guidelines for removing combustible dust particles from factories.

How to Buy an Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner


When buying an explosion proof vacuum, you need to look for certified models. There are many vacuum cleaners in the market that do not have a valid certificate. A certified explosion proof vacuum implies that all parts, including the motor, filters, switches, inner chambers, and outer chambers are made up of non-sparking materials. A non-certified vacuum cleaner can cause sparks and arcs that may lead to an explosion.


The filter is one component you should never compromise on when selecting explosion proof vacuums. You have to keep in mind that your vacuum cleaner sucks in dangerous materials like flour dust that is harmful to the human eye. So, it is better to go for multiple filtration level models.

Mode of Operation

If electricity is not available in your factory, you can choose air operated vacuum cleaners to remove hazardous substances without causing any hazards to human beings and the surrounding environment.

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