Tips for Organizing Your Relocation

If you wait until the last minute to get things together for your move, you could have major problems with moving and storage issues in Durham. This is why most people plan ahead, but just making plans doesn’t ensure a successful move. Here are a few tips on organizing to help you avoid many common issues.

Create an Organizer

Make some kind of moving organizer even if it is only a notebook with pockets for papers and receipts. In fact, you might want get a loose leaf notebook with dividers. Make sure you have inserts with pockets if you go this route. You can separate your organizer into the following categories, for example:

 * Current house

 * New house and neighborhood

 * Storage

 * Moving companies in Durham

 * Packing

 * Moving Sale

 * Check lists

Within these categories you can place many other things, including receipts and issues related to the main categories. For example, things which have to do with the new house (like utility transfers and school information) can go in the new house and neighborhood section along with realtor info. In the “moving companies” section, you can place moving estimates and other info. In the storage section, put a list of items you want to store.

Packing Tips

Packing is a good way to get organized in Durham. Plus, don’t forget to pack an “essentials” box or two. Include everything you will need for your first day at your new house. This should be one of the last things on the truck or you can put it in your car trunk.

Activity Box

If you have kids, you’ll want to keep them busy. Pack a few toys and things the kids enjoy. A portable DVD player with some kid videos can make it easier on everyone. Don’t forget to include a game or two and maybe some stuffed animals.

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