Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation Tips

Are you thinking of taking a vacation soon? Maybe you want to get away from the crowds of people who flock to the usual tourist locations in your area. Consider all the great things you can discover when you come to northern Colorado. A Rocky Mountain National Park vacation can be one of the best times of your life. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your experience:

Altitude Tips

Are you used to higher elevations? If not, this can take some adjustment. Some parts of the park are at seven thousand feet and other areas are as high as twelve thousand feet in elevation. If you plan to get a lot of exercise, you may get winded much easier and as a result, possibly lightheaded too. Drink plenty of water and do not push yourself too hard. If you become ill on a high trail or other area, be sure to get to a lower elevation point as soon as you can.


Many people enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park vacation camping. If you are into camping, consider bringing your RV, as there are several campgrounds you can use. If you are planning a winter vacation, you might want to book a lodge or motel. It will be much more comfortable and you will have plenty of time to be outdoors. There are some excellent places to stay near the park.


If you plan to hike, know your limits. This is especially important during the cold weather. Also, make sure to bring enough water for your trip. It is not a good idea to hike alone either, because you never know what might happen. Right before you leave, be sure to check the latest weather reports and when possible, let others know where you plan to go.

Plan Ahead

You can have a very enjoyable Rocky Mountain National Park vacation if you book travel and accommodations early. You may also save money this way too.

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