Important Questions to Ask Local Painting Companies

When you’re looking to choose between two or more local painting contractors, you might wonder what their differences are. You want to know that you’re making the best possible decision, so you get the best job done in regard to your commercial or residential painting needs. We’ve made a list of questions you can ask potential contractors to make a more educated decision.

Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

Any painting company that does business with the public should have insurance and licensing. They should also be open to providing proof of both of these things. If a company assures you that they have insurance, but can’t show you documentation, it’s probably not the best choice. If a problem comes up while someone is working at your home or business, you may end up liable for it. That’s why reputable companies like Two Dogs Painting will give you proof of insurance and licensing.

Do You Have References Available?

A painting company should have the ability to provide you phone numbers or email addresses of past customers as references. If you notice the painter you are talking to seems wary about doing so, that’s something you should take as a bad sign. Professional residential painters will be happy to offer you this information because if the reference is positive, it means you might be new business for the company.

What Preparation is Done Before Painting?

This question is more important than you may think. The prep work before painting can be substantial. This is especially true if you have any paint that is fading or peeling. If the person you are speaking with isn’t able to offer a process, they adhere to, that might not be the best sign. Ask more questions if you’re concerned about the lack of information.

What Materials Will You Use?

In addition to the paint, painting is going to require a number of materials. Find out what brand your contractor uses. Do some research online to see if those are quality options. You don’t want cheap product used on your walls. It will not last and is not worth the cost of hiring a painter. Most painters will allow you to choose materials if you wish to do so.

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