Save Money with Cabinet Refinishing in Madison, WI, Home Remodels

Whether you live in or nearby Madison, WI, remodeling or renovating an older home adds value to the property as well as giving a home a completely new look. Many people choose to renovate older homes to give them a contemporary style, while others remodel specific rooms, such as the kitchen, to provide greater functionality to space.

Tips for Saving Money

Remodeling, upgrading or renovating can be done over time or all at once, saving a lot of moving and reorganization. Ideally, when remodeling an entire room, using professionals to get the job done quickly and to exacting specifications is the best option.

To save money on a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, homeowners can call in Madison, WI, cabinet refinishing companies. A top company offering this service is B&Z Custom Finishing, and they also provide full interior and exterior painting as well as related services such as drywall finishing.

Cabinet refinishing services use the existing cabinets and give them a like-new look. This is ideal when there is no need to change the color, but just make some minor repairs and restore the luster and natural beauty of the cabinets and the doors. New hardware can be added at this time as well, adding to the d├ęcor and design of the new kitchen or bathroom space.

It is also possible to repaint or refinish the existing cabinets. This service is perfect if there is a dramatic color change required for the surfaces. While a longer process, with professional repainting and staining, it is still just a few days for full prep, sanding, and painting or staining.

Cabinets with a veneer, or when a veneer is selected to cover the current surface, go through a process known as refacing. This allows the homeowner to choose from any possible stain or color of veneer, providing maximum flexibility in a new look.

Let the experts in cabinet refinishing, repainting and refacing at B&Z Custom Finishing provide a free quote for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. To learn more, see us online at

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