Important Reasons that Your Business Should Have Armed Guard Services

Do you want to stop crimes before they happen? One of the best ways to avoid theft, assault, and other crimes within your business is by having a safe and secure environment. No matter how large your business is, you likely have security concerns. These concerns can lead to a marred business reputation, loss of infrastructure, and even loss of lives. That’s why we believe that having armed guard services in New York is crucial.

Crime Deterrence

When you have security guards at your business, there is far less chance of assault, vandalism, or theft taking place. The guards will notice suspicious individuals and take action before something horrible happens. Criminals who see armed guards at your business will often choose to move on and target another business. It’s simply not worth the risk to choose yours.

Security Sense

Not only will crime be deterred, but you will also have a better sense of security. Your staff and customers are more likely to feel safe if they know that you have armed guard services in New York. This alone can improve your employee retention, especially in businesses which sell expensive products.

Customer Service

While a security guard is mainly there to protect your business, they can also stand in for some basic customer service needs. They can point a customer in the right direction for a product or escort individuals to their vehicles when it’s dark outside.

Efficient Decisions

An armed security guard is your first line of defense in the event of a crime or invasion at your business. This person is equipped with important skills and knowledge and has the training needed to take care of any security problem. You can expect guards to understand how to apprehend suspects, respond to crimes, interview witnesses, and more.

Maintain Order

One of the many things a security guard can do is ensure order in your facility. Misconduct by customers or employees is often reported to the guard, who can take the appropriate action depending on the circumstances at hand.

Constant Surveillance

A guard is going to be monitoring cameras, patrolling the area, and responding to alarms. This means they have a vast knowledge of threats to your security and can prevent them before they happen. If a criminal knows a guard is present, they may move on.

At Giss International, we provide trained and highly-skilled guards for businesses in New York. You can find out more about who we are and what we do at

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