Important Trends HR Contractors In Minneapolis Need To Know

Human Resource Management or HR is a big part of the success of any Minneapolis business. After all, it is people that interact with the customers, produce the goods and provide the services that are the most important component of any successful business.

To have the right people in place, having the right HR contractors is essential. Being in the HR field means staying on top of trends and changes, and each year brings new considerations and concerns. While over the last few years hiring and retention demands may have lessened, this isn’t a trend that is predicted to continue.

To help HR contractors to understand what the future holds for human resource management, taking a look at the future challenges is always an important part of staying current.

Wellness Issues

While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has an impact on business, it has also had an impact on the approach to maintaining a proactive healthy workforce.

Businesses that are focusing in on wellness programs as part of their recruitment and retention plans are going to reap the benefits. Implementing these plans may help to decrease the cost of reactive rather than proactive care of those insured as well as decrease days lost through sick time and leave.

Non-Traditional Working Situations

While it is true that there has been a significant increase in the number of applicants for many positions, this is not true in all industries and for all job openings.

In fact, some industries, despite the downsizing of many companies, are looking at significant hiring problems for filling some of these positions. This has created a need for HR managers to be more creative and open to listening to non-traditional types of recruitment. This could include working from home, flex-time options and even offering additional professional development or time to complete advanced training and degrees.

Mentoring Programs

Another trend that will continue in the future with successful businesses is the opportunity to create in-house mentoring programs. For HR contractors this means a good understanding of matching new hires with proven, effective employees as part of the onboarding and retention program.

While these are trends that will continue, they are also not an answer for every Minneapolis Company and business. Carefully designing recruitment and retention programs that suit the culture and environment in a given business will be critical to the effectiveness of these programs at any point in time.

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