Indications It is Time to Replace the Air Conditioning in New Haven, IN

Old air conditioning systems will deteriorate rapidly. Components rust quickly once their protective coating has worn off. Once the components start developing holes, the air conditioning system won’t perform. These are some of the indications the air conditioner will need to be replaced in the near future.

Reduced efficiency in the operation is an indication it is time to get a replacement for the Air Conditioning in New Haven IN. Reduced efficiency can be detected by comparing the utility cost numbers from last year to this year to determine if the air conditioner is using more electricity to provide the same type of cooling. Try comparing months with the same average summer temperatures to determine if electricity usage is up. Make sure to compensate for changes in the charge rate for kilowatt hours. If the numbers are dramatically higher now, the air conditioning system has lost its maximum efficiency.

An interior inspection of the air conditioning system can also identify issues leading to the need to replacement. Encrusted cooling elements, rusted parts, visible holes, or deterioration of parts are indicative of a failing system. While the occasional failing part can be replaced, extensive wear will indicate it is time to get a replacement. At some point, it will be more expensive to fix a unit than it will be to get a new one.

The inability to combat the hot temperatures of summer can also indicate the need for a replacement. The Air Conditioning in New Haven IN will work harder during the summer months. If the system is constantly turning on to keep the house cool, the unit is not working properly. Cooling coils lose their ability to exchange heat. The fan may slow down, reducing the amount of air flow. Since this constant operation puts a great deal of stress on the motor, it can lead to a complete breakdown.

The air conditioning system is subjected to a lot of stress over its lifespan. This can result in the need to replace it. Reduced efficiency in operation, visible deterioration, and an inability to maintain set temperatures are signs a replacement is needed. Click Here for more information regarding a replacement system.

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