Information about the Septic Inspection in Maui

The septic system is responsible for receiving, treating and disposing of unwanted wastewater and various solids from a home’s or business’s plumbing system. The solids are partially broken down into what is referred to as sludge in the tank and separated from the scum and water that is present. From time to time the sludge and scum have to be pumped so that it does not enter the drain field. If an issue has occurred, or a property owner is not sure of the state of the septic system, then they should invest in Septic Inspection in Maui.

When should the Septic System Undergo Inspection?

It is important for a property owner to invest in Septic Inspection in Maui at least once annually. This includes when the house is put up for sale. This will help to enhance the value of the home and to avoid liability issues that may occur due to a malfunctioning system. It will be in the interest of the potential buyer to insist that the system is inspected prior to making a purchase if the process has not been done recently.

What an Inspector Looks for

When a septic inspection is done, the inspector will be looking for a number of things, which include the following:

*      The date that the tank was last pumped. The level of sludge will dictate if it needs to be pumped again.

  *      The level of sludge present.

  *      If the drain field is located far enough away from streams and wells.

  *      To make sure that the tank is big enough for the home or building.

  *      See if there is any liquid waste that has made its wat to the ground surface.

  *      To make sure there are on cracks in the riser lids, if any are present.

More information about septic service and when to seek an inspection for the tank can be found at the website. Taking the time to have the tank inspected on a regular basis will help to prevent serious issues. Doing this is in the best interest of the septic tank and will ensure that it continues to work properly year after year. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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