Information for Homeowners Seeking a Pest Control Expert in Spring Hill TN

Most people enjoy nature and the great outdoors, but when nature starts to come indoors in the form of various pests such as ants, roaches, or bed bugs, there is little joy to be had. No matter what type of insect a homeowner finds invading their home you can be assured there are more to follow. Pest control infestations are best addressed by a Pest Control Expert in Spring Hill TN. Typically, the most common methods used are heat treatment, fumigation, and localized treatment.

• Heat Treatment – The heat treatment eradication method is similar to the fumigation method because the entire home is encased in an air-tight wrapping and heat is used instead of pesticides. The extreme heat eradication method is very effective, especially for treating bed bug infestations. The heat generated inside the home is about 135 degrees Fahrenheit and is allowed to circulate in the home for several hours to ensure all parts are heated. In addition, heat sensing probes are placed in the harder to reach spots in the home and monitored remotely.

• Fumigation – The entire home is wrapped with an air-tight material for the fumigation method. After the home is sealed, pesticide gas usually sulfuryl fluoride is piped into the home and permitted to circulate for several hours. Fans are sometimes used to help circulate the gas to ensure penetration into the tiniest cracks and crevices, killing all insect colonies inside. The negative aspect of this process is the use of pesticides.

• Local Treatment – Local treatment or spot treatment is by far the most used method of insect eradication. Baiting relies on using the insects own feeding habits against them. Bait stations used by a Pest Control Expert in Spring Hill TN contain poisoned bait. The bait stations are placed in strategic locations in and around the foundation of the home. The insects feed on the bait and also bring some of the bait back to the nests where it gets further distributed among the insect colony.

Early detection is the best guarantee to limit extensive property damage. Often times, however, by the time the damage is obvious, successful insect eradication is beyond that which can be accomplished by the homeowner. A skilled insect control professional will be the homeowners best resource in cases of large insect infestations.

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