Medical Malpractice, Illinois Law And Standards of Care

Doctors are a part of the modern medical system. In West Liberty, Iowa, we visit them with regularity expecting them to listen carefully, examine us closely, prescribe the right medication and/or treatment, and then send us on our way. The medical system is in place to make us feel better. It helps to improve our quality of life. Yet, sometimes it fails us, leaving us confused, injured and searching for answers. When this occurs, when no help is forthcoming, the only satisfaction you may be able to get will come through a medical malpractice lawyer.

Your Case, Attorney and Standards of Care

A medical malpractice case hinges around the issue of negligence. A common law and civil matter, Iowa law allows you to proceed if the case meets certain criteria. Along with the need to link the resulting injury directly to the medical professional, your medical malpractice lawyer must prove failure to meet the established standards of care.

What Are the Standards of Care in Iowa?

If you live in West Liberty, Iowa, your attorney will need to argue that the medical professional or professionals did not adhere to the accepted professional standards of care. In performing the operation, making a diagnosis, writing a prescription or administering anesthetic, he, she or they suffered from a breach of duty. In other words, your medical malpractice lawyer will argue the medical professional did not adhere to the protocol established by the standards of care. As a result, he, she or they were negligent in the carrying out of their duties resulting in harm to the patient.

Yet, relying on the standards of care is not as cut-and-dried as it would seem. It is not a general concept. Instead, it is one with criteria specific to the individual in his or her level of the medical professional. To determine where the individual or individuals are guilty of breach of standards of care, your lawyer will have to prove their actions were negligible and did not match those provided under the standards for:

  • Their specific profession e.g. nurse, doctor, surgeon, anesthesiologist
  • Their age group within their specific profession
  • Their experience level within the specific profession
  • Their level of ability within the specific profession

Only if you medical malpractice lawyer can “connect the dots” between the laws of negligence, the standards of care and the actions that negatively affected the client, can he or she hope to establish a serious case.

Making a Case: Contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you have suffered at the hand of a negligent medical professional, you do have recourse. While it is true you could file a claim on your own, this is not the best course to pursue. Medical malpractice law is complex. It involves establishing connections between the actions, the profession and the specific standard of care that can prove elusive. Only a skilled medical malpractice lawyer can help you take on those responsible and win.

Are you uncertain how to proceed in a health-related problem? Are you looking for an experienced and reputable West Liberty Medical Malpractice Attorney? If so, why not contact the experts at the Tom Riley Law Firm?  Their highly motivated and dedicated lawyers work hard to ensure their clients receive the justice, and compensation they deserve. From product liability to Workers Compensation, you can count on them to help in your fight.

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