Inscriptions: Ideas for Headstones in Connecticut

Just about any type of headstone is equipped with basic information about the person who is intended to eventually occupy the grave. As part of the advance planning, the inscription will include the full name and the birth date of the client. While that’s enough for many people, others like the idea of leaving some sort of message that tells future generations a little about them. Here are a few ways to go when coming up with inscriptions for Headstones in Connecticut.

Passing Along Beliefs and Values

Some people like the idea of Headstones in Connecticut that tell something about what type of beliefs and values they chose to embrace life. While there is only so much space available, people have proven to be geniuses when it comes to putting together an inscription that is succinct. Some may go with a simple engraving that identifies a religious preference. Others may use a quotation that sums up the person’s philosophy about the purpose of life. Those quotes may provide in some encapsulated form advice that the person chose to live by, and hopes will be helpful for those who see the headstone in the years to come.

Reminders of Heritage

Another approach is to choose an inscription that provides some information about the heritage of the individual. This could relate to the culture in which the individual grew up or have some reference to the country of origin of the family. The goal is often to provide those who come later to have a sense of their roots and help them understand how their ancestors came to settle in the area.

One More Laugh

People who love to laugh during life enjoy the idea of making others laugh in generations to come. That motivates them to come up with an inscription that includes a quip, a joke, or something that is intended to make people smile, and maybe even laugh out loud, whenever they see the headstone.

A professional can provide more ideas about what sort of inscription would be appropriate. Learn more about us today by stopping by and taking a look at what the company has to offer. The result can be choosing a stone, coming up with an inscription, and having one more task associated with the pre-planning completed.

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