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Fencing is versatile and durable, but there are times when repairs have to be made to all types of fence materials. Storms, accidents, wear and tear, wildlife, and intruders, among many other things, can damage fences and decks. Timely and expert repairs can restore the look and stability of the fence, so replacement is not necessary.


Fencing is available in an abundance of materials. Traditional fences are made of wood, wrought iron, or aluminum. Wood fences can dry out, splinter, peel, split, and rot if left to the elements unprotected. Paint or stain will add a layer of protection to wood, as will waterproof coatings.

Repairs can include sanding down an area and re-painting it, adding a cap to keep water and snow from melting directly on the tops of planks, and filling in spaces with wood glue. Depending on the type of fence design, it cam also is possible to replace one or more planks when needed. Metal fences can be re-welded or reinforced.
Newer materials include PVC, composites, and vinyl. These are designed to be stronger than traditional materials. Low initial costs and low maintenance make modern fences popular. Many have the same look as wood or wrought iron but are more affordable. Click here for more details.

Have Repairs Completed Quickly

An experienced Fence Repair Company in Nassau County can determine the extent of the damage and recommend options. It is important to have repairs done as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the fencing. Pressure from a bent chain link fence, for example, can cause more of the fence to buckle. That will result in more expensive repairs.

Wood fencing, once directly exposed to the elements will warp, rot, or crack. Fixing the damage fast means the plank can be saved instead of replaced. The best professionals to repair fences are those who design, manufacturer, and install them, such as professionals who can be found at Precision Fence LLC.

Manufacturing a variety of fences in many materials, as well as designing custom fences, translates to in-depth knowledge about the structural integrity of fences. Information regarding what each material and fence design can withstand allows professionals to make efficient and cost-effective repairs. Property owners can visit here for details about repairs, fence and deck cleaning, new fencing, and financing.

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