Investigating Rf Ablasion In Oklahoma City

Spinal problems cause a lot of neck and back pain. Many people with these conditions are not surgery candidates. On the other hand, some individuals shy away from invasive techniques. That is why spinal doctors focus on treating the pain. Rf Ablasion OKC is frequently used for pain. Radio-frequency ablation is being used to decrease low-back and neck pain. Further, the procedure eases the pain of degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

Rf Ablasion OKC is safe, helpful and there are typically few side effects. This is just one of several procedures used by Longevity Joint Spine Pain Management Center. The process directs heat to certain nerves to stop them from transmitting pain messages to the brain. It is an outpatient procedure and patients only need to be mildly sedated. Benefits of Rf Ablasion OKC include:

   *        being pain free for 18-24 months

   *        lasts longer than steroid injections

   *        the procedure has few complications

   *        patients use less pain medicine

   *        patients are able to move more freely

Facet joint injections are also used to ease back pain. What are facet joints? These joints are part of the spine and help people move. Arthritis or back injuries prevent the joints from moving properly. During this procedure, a numbing medicine is mixed with a steroid and injected into the joints. In addition to blocking pain, these injections also have a diagnostic purpose. The physician can tell which joint is damaged by the amount of immediate pain relief the patient has. The steroid medication provides pain relief for over a year.

Amazingly, physicians use autologous blood plasma to treat many spinal problems. Physicians get their supply through a safe network of plasma banks. The plasma goes through a special process that separates it from other parts of the blood. Scientists determined that this plasma contains certain growth factors that help the body heal. Infusions of the plasma help a variety of ligament injuries, fractures and muscle and tendon injuries. Also, infusions speed up circulation and promote cellular healing. People who are in pain need options other than pills. Visit here and see what is available.

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