Frequently Asked Questions About Available Supplies At A Pet Store In Folsom CA

If you’re a first time pet owner, you’ll have to purchase a variety of supplies for your new companion. To make the process simple and fun, visit a pet store in Folsom CA that has all the supplies you need in one place. Below you’ll learn the answers to your questions about buying the needed supplies for your new pet.

Q.) What supplies are necessary on the first day when bringing a new dog home?

A.) The essentials that are needed right away for a dog include food, bowls for food and water, a collar and a leash. If the new pet is a puppy that’s not housebroken, you’ll also need to purchase puppy pads at the pet store. Additional items that you might want to purchase for your dog include a crate, toys, treats and grooming supplies, such as a brush and nail clippers. Before giving your dog a bath, purchase dog shampoo and conditioners at the pet supply store.

Q.) Do pet stores carry fish tanks and other supplies for fish?

A.) Many pet stores do carry the necessary equipment and supplies for pet fish. Before bringing the fish home, a pet owner will have to purchase a tank and get it ready for when the fish arrive. After setting up the tank and filling it with water, the water should set for several hours or overnight so that it’s at room temperature when the fish are placed in the tank. You can also add decorations to the tank, such as gravel and plastic plants. Some pet stores also carry a selection of fish, such as angelfish and cichlids.

Q.) What kinds of reptile supplies are available at a pet store?

A.) Pet stores carry a variety of reptile supplies, such as habitat accessories, heaters, filters, food and supplements. Live reptiles that are often sold at a Pet store in Folsom CA include bearded dragons, turtles, tree frogs and chameleons. If you need help picking out reptile supplies, a store employee can help you find exactly what your pet needs.

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