Tips for Choosing Pet Food in Folsom, CA

With so many options for Pet food in Folsom CA, finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. However, pet owners know their dogs and cats require certain nutrition to maintain superior health. The tips here will help pet owners find a pet food their animal loves to eat and is also good for them.

Look at the Label

The label on Pet food in Folsom CA is designed to provide pet owners with quite a bit of valuable information. However, they can also be extremely hard to read. It is a good idea to choose dog food options that include several product lines and has higher ratings. This is because lower-rated options will likely contain much less meat, anonymous meat ingredients, controversial preservatives, and more by-products.

Consider the Pet Food Manufacturer

There are some pet owners who simply don’t trust larger pet food manufacturers. They have the misconception that smaller brands are much more likely to provide safer and better products. However, this is not always the case. In fact, 93 percent of all the pet foods that are sold in the U.S. are manufactured by three companies: Purina, Mars, and Big Heart. However, 73 of the last 88 recalled pet foods are linked to smaller pet food manufacturing companies.

Keep in mind, there are no laws in place that require pet food companies to verify the information they put on the labels. There are a number of smaller companies that have even admitted to not verifying the nutrient content or even the safety of the foods that are sold under their labels. Also, larger companies typically employ food scientists, test raw materials, and conduct safety and quality control procedures regularly.

Taking the time to find quality pet food will result in a happier and healthier pet. It is never a good idea to choose the lowest price dog food since there is a good chance it does not contain the nutrition value a pet needs. If a pet owner has more questions about choosing a quality pet food, they can contact the staff at Lees Feed And Western Store to learn more.


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