What Residential Movers Want You to Know About Your Chicago Relocation

Preparing for a big residential relocation can be a bit of an undertaking. While it is exciting to be preparing for a new home, towing all your belongings there is a struggle. Moreover, after dropping a pretty penny for your property, it may seem like an easy decision to try to save on the move by DIY-ing the entire moving process. You just, after all, spent thousands of dollars to finance your new house; saving everywhere else you can is just a natural response.

However, the best decision you can make for yourself and your family during your move is hiring residential movers. Chicago is home to many licensed and trusted moving companies. You can take your pick based on your specific needs. Nevertheless, below are just a few things these moving companies want you to know to make the process easier for everybody:

Finish Packing a Day Before Moving Day
This tip should almost go without saying. However, you would be surprised about how many people are unprepared for moving day. In order to make your relocation easier, it is best to have all your belongings packed and ready before the movers arrive.

Make It Easy for Your Movers – Label, Label, Label!
Unloading would be more a breeze if more people labeled their moving boxes diligently. In order to truly hasten the process, it is best to write the destination of every box. Doing so will save you from the stresses of micromanaging every moving professional involved in your relocations.

Inquire About the Mover’s Services
Reputable moving companies offer a wide array of services geared towards making your relocation as simple as possible. Should you not have the time to pack, ask your residential movers if they offer the service? More often than not, they provide almost everything you need for you relocation including:

  • Full or Partial Packing/Unpacking
  • Short Term and Long Term Storage
  • Crating and Specialty Packing
  • Decluttering, Staging and Organizing
  • Temporary Living
  • Move Management and Custom-Designed Move Planning

The move to your new home does not have to be a hassle. Hire residential movers so you can truly enjoy this milestone.

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