Is It Time to Look for New Auto Insurance in Federal Way?

After being with the same auto insurance provider for years, it is only natural to wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere. With the renewal date fast approaching, it never hurts to think about comparing the current plan with what other providers have to offer.  This is especially true if a few events have shaken confidence in the level of support offered by the present provider of Auto Insurance Federal Way.

Hard to Reach an Agent

Back in the day, getting the agent on the phone was not difficult.  Even when it was necessary to leave a message, chances are the call was returned later the same day.  It was nice to know the customer could ask a question and get an answer without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

In recent years, getting in contact with the agent is not some simple.  Along with navigating through an auto-attendant, so the call is routed to the right extension, it seems as if the agent is never available.  While it used to take a few hours to get a callback, it can be days now.  Sometimes making two or three calls is necessary before getting any attention.  If this is happening, it does make sense to see what other have to offer in terms of Auto Insurance Federal Way.

Customer Service is Poor

While the current provider does have a customer service number, trying to get help from that resource is almost as frustrating as trying to reach an agent. It is necessary to go through a complicated menu to reach a representative.  Even then, there is no guarantee that the person who does receive the call will have the information needed.  It also seems that the line is placed on hold no matter what time of the week the customer makes the call.

If reaching or getting help from customer service is difficult at best, maybe it is time to think about other options for Auto Insurance Federal Way.  Another provider may have a setup that provides support readily and makes customers feel valued.

For those who think a change is in order, browse the website and learn more about what SAV-ON in Federal Way has to offer.  In no time at all, the new plan will be in place, and the client can rest assured that getting help and filing claims will not be a chore.

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