Tips To Help You Become A Better Female Jazz Vocalist

Music is the breath of life, and most people would love to have a music career. For those that are good enough to have a chance, they need to hone their skills and be the best they can be. If you are or want to be a female jazz vocalist, you’re probably frustrated about your career path. It seems impossible to get noticed and start getting gigs, but it is all a matter of perception, and a few simple tips can help you along your way.


When you are first beginning, you will want to find your key. A key is a note or group of notes that allow you to sing in a range that is comfortable and in perfect pitch. If you don’t know your key and start to sing a song in a higher or lower key than you can manage, you’ll sound pitchy, off-key or just plain bad. Likewise, once you find your key, you should practice singing in that range as much as possible and continue trying new keys to try to broaden your range. This will help you get more gigs and become a well-rounded female jazz vocalist.


Most singers never consider the microphone, but when you are singing in front of a live group or being recorded, you’ll be using a microphone. It is important to get used to how you sound while using a microphone, even if you aren’t out of the garage yet. Therefore, you’ll want to buy one that offers professional quality and is something that you would see in a recording studio or on a live stage. Jazzy music often requires the singer to whisper or sound breathy but still be heard in the bag of the concert hall.

Use Songbooks

Songbooks can be a great way to learn jazzy music, but there are many available, and it can be difficult to figure out which one to use. A standard book used by most jazz vocalists is the Great American Songbook. It includes songs from many famous people, both men and women. Two formats exist for the songbook, so you’ll want to consider both options and which will work better for your style.

Listen To Yourself And Others

Listening to other musicians is an excellent way to learn more about the music and can help you incorporate those styles into your songs. Of course, listening to women will be helpful, but you shouldn’t forget to hear how the men of the genre sound.

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