Is Mold Growing In Your Heating And Air Conditioning In Lakeland, FL?

When it’s snowing up north, everyone living in central Florida is enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Winter doesn’t stay very long. The downside is that everyone’s Heating And Air Conditioning in Lakeland FL is used every day of the year. Warm, moist air encourages the growth of mold in air conditioning ducts.

The Sick House Syndrome

The University of Florida issued a report on the connection between allergies and other health issues and mold, often called the “sick house syndrome.” Moisture is important to the growth and spread of microscopic mold spores into the air. Every cubic foot of air can contain thousands of mold spores. Air conditioning ducts can provide a perfect environment for the growth of mold, especially if there are any leaks or cracks in the ducts that allow in moisture.

Constant exposure to mold spores causes many people to develop allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Other common air pollutants, such as chemicals from cleaning products or building materials, can exacerbate the problem. If mold is growing in the a/c system, everyone in the home will breathe in the spores. Children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems are most at risk.

The Growth of Allergies and Respiratory Diseases

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that every year more people develop health problems related to allergies.

• Allergic diseases have become much more prevalent during the last 50 years.

• Up to half of all school children have become sensitized to at least one of the most common allergens.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that an additional 19.6 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed just in the past year with COPD, chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

Cleaning and Sanitizing and Air Conditioning System

A clean air conditioning system is critical to maintaining good indoor air quality. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing should include the following work.

• All air supply and return grills should be removed and sanitized.

• All duct work must be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a microbicide approved by the EPA to destroy mildew and mold.

• The inside of the air handler must be cleaned and sanitized.

• The evaporator coil also requires cleaning and sanitizing.

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