Is Your Dog Disobedient? Do You Have A New Puppy And Need To Train Him Properly? Get Tips For Obedience Training For Dogs Chicago

Millions of Americans are proud, happy dog owners. But many people who own dogs do not actually understand dog behavior very well. Many people think that making pleasing their dog will keep them happy, and will strengthen their relationship. While it is good to have a happy dog, allowing them to feel they are in charge and that you will give in to their wishes can lead to a disastrous relationship. These tips help new, or struggling dog owners understand how the relationship between human and dog should work, and how to keep their dog happy and obedient.

1. Your dogs tail and eyes often tell what kind of mood it is in. If the eyes are wide open and alert, and the and body are stiff, this can indicate an aggressive posture. Half shut eyes, and a wagging tail and relaxed pose means your dog is happy and in a state of pleasure.

2. Dogs need plenty of exercise to use up their energy. This keeps them in a docile, friendly state. If too much of their energy gets pent up for too long, they will become restless and may even begin to resent you as an owner. Ideally, you should take your dog for a run or walk every day. Not only does this use up their energy, but it is a bonding experience for yourself and the dog. Visit website for more details.

3. During walks, don’t let the dog determine the direction and pace. As the saying goes, you should walk the dog, not let the dog walk you. Keep your dog at your side, and don’t let him go to far ahead. Take a stop some times to let your dog rest or use the bathroom, but don’t allow them to stop the walk every time they want to sniff something.

4. While training, reward good behavior to let the dog know they have done something good. Also, hitting your dog is not a very effective form of punishment. Rather, let them know they have done something wrong by speaking in a disapproving tone.

While these tips will help you in the home, it is often a very good idea to seek professional Obedience Training For Dogs Chicago from qualified, reputable schools. A good example would be Chicago Canine Academy. If you have tried everything you can, and your dog still has behavioral difficulties, get Obedience Training For Dogs Chicago before the problem gets any worse.

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