Keep it Vintage, Opt for Windows Glass Door Repairs in Sparks NV Over Replacing a Classic Design

A homeowner is looking to sell their home. One quick and approachable way to boost the value is to replace the windows. They are looking drab, ditty, worn, etc. Time to get rid of them. It seems like a no-brainer. But, window replacements once again prove that not everything is as it seems.

Generally speaking, a replacement is better than a repair for adding equity to a home. It is a better sell, and new windows have a tendency to add a little marketing edge. This is so even if the repaired windows look just as good on the surface. New sells.

Keep the Vintage Windows

There is a specific scenario where a Windows Glass Door Repairs in Sparks NV vastly outperforms a replacement. If a homeowner has vintage windows, they should keep them in. Vintage windows are “in” right now. People just adore that classic style. The industry is in a weird transition where vintage is very popular, but many modern providers don’t have the set-up for it. Even if they do, new “vintage” windows defeat the purpose. Vintage windows are traditionally old. That is what makes them vintage. Repairing them will keep that age intact while making them look better and perform better. If a homeowner has a vintage set, they should do everything they can to keep it alive. Visit  for more details.

Losing Value

The home may have a vintage look overall, but it has new windows. This clash will actually reduce the price. Yes, it is possible to upgrade the windows and see a drop in equity value if the new windows clash with a more classic and historical aesthetic.

With all that said, Windows Glass Door Repairs in Sparks NV are a much more practical and affordable option in most circumstances. If a homeowner has no intention of selling the home anytime soon, they should opt for a repair. The repair itself will look at underlying problems. It saves in resources. Not everything has to be brand new. The repairs will come with new sealants, and likely outperform a new window set based on energy performance.

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