Keep the HVAC Healthy Using an Experienced Air Conditioning Company in Omaha NE

In this era of well-insulated buildings with limited airflow, it is important to have a properly operating comfort system. The typical appliance for this job is an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, which most people know as central air. This appliance comes in separate cabinets with the AC condensing unit placed outdoors and the air handler located in some out-of-the-way place such as an attic or custom closet. This setup allows the appliance to collect heat and remove it from the building, but it requires an experienced Air Conditioning Company in Omaha NE to service and repair it properly.

There are several ways that the HVAC can fail, and a few of them are rather expensive to repair. One such problem is when the condenser unit overheats or locks up. The condenser is used to compress the refrigerant so the chemical can collect heat. Without this component, the appliance is useless because the compression causes a state change in the refrigerant, and this allows it to collect heat. Replacing the condenser requires the help of certified technicians like those found at Accurate Heating & Cooling. This is necessary because of the use of chemical refrigerants and specific government requirements for handling them.

An HVAC is an expensive purchase, and the best way to protect this investment is with regular maintenance and quality repairs. A superior Air Conditioning Company in Omaha NE can help by servicing the system at least once each year. Service should include cleaning the air handler, testing the refrigerant level, and verifying the function of various electronic components such as control switches. However, testing the refrigerant could be the most important factor because it is also used to carry the lubricant that protects the condenser.

Of course, there are other ways of cooling a home or business besides using a forced air system. For example, the split or ductless system works well for treating various zones in the building. A split system also uses a separate condensing system, but it distributes the compressed refrigerant to various blower units, up to eight per condenser. This setup eliminates the use of bulky air ducts and the need for cleaning them when they accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens. Get more information about cooling systems at

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