Keep Your Family Warm on Cold Winter Nights With Heater Repair in Encinitas

No matter where you live, there may be times when your home needs a little added warmth. Even the somewhat arid areas around Encinitas have a few chilly nights. This is why it is important to have your furnace or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system routinely tested and serviced. This is especially true when the winter months come around and the nights get downright frigid. Of course, you could try and brave the cold nights using alternative heating solutions, but portable heaters can get pretty expensive if you have to run them all night. Plus, most space heaters aren’t known for their safety features.

Home HVAC systems and central heating units warm the air by either burning gas or making use of electrical resistance. If your home is outside a municipal gas supply, the fuel of choice is probably propane or a mixture of propane and butane. Gas burning furnaces will need to be adapted for the current fuel selection so the technician installing or replacing a new furnace will need to know what this is. As your home furnace ages, it will begin to fail. Common areas of failure are the elements in an electric system or the regulators in a gas based furnace. The need for Heater Repair in Encinitas can often be avoided by having the furnace properly cleaned and serviced.

Routine maintenance on your furnace involves cleaning the heating chamber or heating elements, ensuring the blower fan is clean and unobstructed, as well as the air exchange. It is also important to ensure any fuel regulators are operating properly and the system thermostat accurately signals the system to start or stop the furnace. If your heating system is part of an HVAC system, the technician may also need to clean the evaporator coil in the inner cabinet. This coil can collect dirt and debris during regular use and can easily hinder the airflow. If this happens, you may have a glut of warm air around the furnace with very little heat in the rest of the home. If your home is in need Heater Repair in Encinitas, or you need the unit serviced, be sure to Contact Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

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