Keep Your Home or Business Comfortable With Help From Air Conditioner Contractors in Bainbridge Island

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling your home or business can be some of your highest expenses. Of course, you can reduce these costs with better insulation and the proper purchase of energy efficient appliances, but there are also things that Air Conditioner Contractors Bainbridge Island can do to help. For instance, these technicians can perform routine maintenance on your appliances that will extend the life of the products and keep them operating at peak efficiency. Maintenance schedules will depend on what type of equipment is being discussed. Heating systems generally need to be serviced at the end of summer or early fall before the unit is first used. This ensures the combustion chamber is free of lint or dust that may cause a flash fire.

The air conditioner is a different story. An AC should be serviced at least once a year before it is put under a heavy load, usually in the spring. Since an air conditioner might run all year long it is important to have it thoroughly inspected and tested. There are many reasons for this, but an important one is the unit’s refrigerant level. The AC refrigerant carries the lubricant for the condenser system. If the lubricant is too low, then the condenser is not getting the lubrication it requires and may overheat. Even worse, low refrigerant level means the system is working harder to deliver the expected level of cool air that the homeowner demands. Click here to know more about the professional air conditioning contractors in Bainbridge Island.

One important aspect of regular maintenance is cleaning. There are a number of areas that the owner cannot access and will not be able to clean properly. One of these is the back side of the evaporator coil. This coil collects a lot of dirt and debris over time which can mix with the condensation that naturally occurs from the cooling process. If it is left alone, this muck will dry and block the airflow through the coil. To remedy this problem, the technician will wash the coil in an acid bath. Sadly, even the best maintenance will not keep your heating or AC system running forever. When it fails, you want experienced Air Conditioner Contractors Bainbridge Island to handle the replacements. To learn more about routine maintenance programs or heating and cooling system replacement you should contact the experts at Quality Heating Electrical & AC.

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