Keeping Family Members Safe Around Dumpsters in Nassau County NY

When a homeowner needs to rent Dumpsters in Nassau County NY, there will be a need to take safety precautions when it is on their property. Failing to take steps in the way the dumpster is placed and used can lead to potential injuries to those who come into contact with them. Here are some tips a homeowner can use to ensure the dumpster they rent provides them with the necessary service without becoming a hazard to others.

Make Sure To Place The Dumpster Appropriately

A dumpster should be placed in an area where the ground is completely flat. If the dumpster is placed on an incline, there is a chance of it tipping over as a material is placed inside of the enclosure. Using an asphalt or cement surface is best. Try to keep the dumpster away from the street so those walking or driving past do not place their own trash inside.

Do Not Overfill Or Place Items In One Location

When someone places items in a dumpster, they should make sure they are not positioning them all on one side of the enclosure. This could cause a shift of the weight of the dumpster, leading to it tipping over as a result. It is also best to call the dumpster delivery service to alert them when it is filled to the rim. Refrain from placing additional items inside and wait for the service to swap the container with an empty one instead.

Find Out What Items Should Be Left Out Of The Enclosure

A dumper service will provide the user with a list of items that should not be placed inside the container. Make sure flammable materials are kept out of the container and do not allow anyone to smoke near the dumpster as well. Recyclable materials may be able to be taken by the dumpster company in another type of container, so it is best to ask if this service is offered.

When there is a need to rent Dumpsters in Nassau County NY, calling a service known for great pricing is desired. Contact V. Garofalo Carting Inc. today to find out more!

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