Keeping Hvac Costs Low: Your Maintenance Checklist

Problems with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system could knock your budget out for a loop. If you want to save on overhead costs, you’ll have to keep your HVAC bills at a minimum. Here’s a maintenance list to help you pull that off:

1. Buy a pleated air filter.
Pick out one that’s highly efficient.

2. Replace your air filter.
Do it every 90 days, says House Logic, for better system performance and results. If you start out with a standard air filter that delivers middling results, though, you don’t have to wait out the entire 90 days. Switch to a better air filter as soon as you can.

3. Keep your HVAC unit clean.
Check regularly for leaves, grass and pollen. Your unit would do a much better job if you clear all these out.

4. Summer changes.
It’s that time of the year again so remember to turn the water off to the furnace humidifier.

5. Fall changes.
When autumn’s just around the corner, you’ll need to toss your air humidifier for a new one to keep your system running smooth. Don’t forget to turn on the water again.

6. Replace your carbon monoxide battery
Do it every year. Regular replacements help provide your commercial HVAC system with the boost it needs.

7. Get to those repairs ASAP.
No matter how much you take care of your unit, a few minor issues here and there will crop up. Some of these are easy enough to take care of with DIY solutions.

8. Get pros.
Not everyone can handle inspection and repairs though, no matter how minor. Make sure to call in experts to fix the problem right away. As soon as you see signs of problems, have them seen to immediately. That also means getting pros for regular maintenance service checks.


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