Lahaina Vacation Home Rentals Makes it Possible to Experience the Rustic Side of Hawaii

Located on Maui in Hawaii, Lahaina is the biggest CDP (Census-Designated Place) in the western part of the island – and a portal to the famous beach resorts in the community, named Kaanapali and Kapalua respectively. Island locals number about 12,000. However, when tourists stream into the region, the population can soar to almost 40,000.

A Former Capital of Hawaii

Most people do not know that Lahaina was once the capital of Hawaii before it became a state. In the 1800s, the charming Hawaiian getaway was also home to the whaling trade and welcomed many sailing vessels at its waterfront. Today, the CDP’s Front Street is rated as one of the “Greatest Streets” in the world by the members of the American Planning Association.

A Pricey Real Estate Market

You are going to find plenty in the way of beautiful Lahaina vacation home rentals on Lahaina as the real estate in this part of Hawaii is listed as some of the most expensive in the state. Luxury homes that are used for Lahaina vacation home rentals often sell for over $2 million.

Activity Galore

The aforementioned Front Street is an active street that was established in the early part of the 19th century. You will also find plenty to do and plenty to see by taking a stroll or jaunt along this ever-moving route. The famous Lahaina Street features restaurants and stores, which, like magnets, continually attract locals and visitors.

Banyan Tree Square

Of particular note is Banyan Tree Square where a big banyan tree has been gracing the area since it was planted in 1873. On April 24th of that year, William Owen Smith planted a sapling to pay homage to the arrival of missionaries 50 years earlier. The location of the tree is also the site of the ruins of Lahaina Fort, which was erected in 1832.

The Origination of the Name

The ancient moniker for Lahaina was Lele. Lahaina, itself, is a Hawaiian name that describes the area’s arid and sunny climate. Translated, the name “Lahaina” is another way of saying that the sun is a relentless and cruel star when it shines upon the island.

Ideal Temperatures

However, most visitors would dispute that claim, as they find that Lahaina’s temperatures are, to say the least, ideal. Boasting a semi-dry and tropical climate, Lahaina visitors and locals enjoy temperatures of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year. In the “colder” months of winter, the island’s average temperatures plunge to around 60 degrees.

Cozy and Inviting

The CDP of Lahaina is about 9 square miles, of which 7.8 square miles consists of land and about 1.5 square miles is made up of water. Therefore, while the area is not big, it is cozy and quaint enough to make it a charming getaway – one that offers plenty of “celebrity” privacy.

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