Modern Day Cowgirls Choose Montana West Handbags

Montana West handbags bring the traditional style of the Old West and make in relevant again to the modern woman. They are more than simply a way to carry around keys and a wallet – they are an attitude!

What Is So Special About Them

Constructed from sturdy bi-cast leather, Montana West handbags are the embodiment of American history. Designed with both traditional Native American and Aztec influence, embellishments such as fringes, rhinestones, studs, and buckles feature prominently in the entire collection. No self-respecting cowgirl would be caught without this integral wardrobe piece! The outfit may make the women, but these handbags pull it all together in an unmistakably fun and mature way.


There is a vast number of individual collections within the line. Each one is distinctly different – yet somehow feels familiar and comforting, like an old friend or your favorite horse. Currently, these are the collections available:

1. The Trinity Collection – the best in classic elegance.

2. The Texas Collection – lets the pride of Texas shine through no matter where it’s worn.

3. The Horse Collection – shows your love for our favorite method of transportation in the West.

4. The Gun Collection – has a picture of a gun on the outside. Is there anything hidden within?

5. The Fringe Collection – provides long, short, fat, and thin fringe options.

6. The Sugar Skull Collection – prominently features jeweled skulls.

7. The Bible Verse Collection – shows your belief in the Lord for all to see.

8. The Aztec Collection – shows the intricate patterns unique to Aztec art.

9. The Concealed Gun Carry Collection – is the ultimate in hidden personal safety.

10. The Spiritual Collection – showcases crosses in all their glory.

11. The Concho Collection – showcases the best in decorative silver pieces.

12. The Buckle Collection – features traditional Western buckles.

13. The Camouflage Collection – shows that camo is not just for the guys!

14. The Bling Bling Collection – is just a little more “girlie.”

15. The Cross Body Collection – has longer straps to wear “messenger” style.

16. The Tooling Collection – showcases stunning designs tooled right into the leather.

17. The Miscellaneous Collection – is the best of all the rest!

Each of the collections brings their own “something special” to the wearer. There are so many Montana West Handbags to choose from that deciding on only one is going to be next to impossible. Many are available in a range of colors, making them perfect for matching with any outfit, from a night on the town, to a dance at the hoedown. From fun to flirty, from serious to elegant, no buyer is going to be disappointed with their purchase. Since they are available at wholesale prices from select retailers, there is no reason to buy just one.

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