Keep Your Roof in Excellent Repair Using a Roofing Contractor in Oshkosh WI

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The roof of your home is one of its most critical components and also one of its most visible features. An aging roof can make your home look shabby and unkempt, but the worst problem is when the roof develops a leak. A leak in the roof is typically a slow process because of the various layers of material the water must pass through. The typical roof of a home consists of a layer of decking placed over the rafters and joists. Over the decking is a layer of roofing felt, sometimes known as tar paper and at least one layer of shingle, usually made from asphalt. The roof may also have sealant around any details such as attic vents or flashing.

You can often avoid roofing problems by hiring a Roofing Contractor in Oshkosh WI to inspect the roof, its details and especially any inside areas for signs of leaks. The durability of a roof is frequently based on the quality of the shingles used to cover it. Asphalt shingles are about the most budget friendly roofing option around, but they also have a short service life. Asphalt is usually warranted for fifteen to twenty-five years.

One alternative to the standard three-tab shingle is composite asphalt shingles. Composite shingles have two or three layers per shingle to provide better protection and a unique style. Most of them have curved edges which add the perception of depth. The end result is an asphalt product that resembles slate. This product provides better protection and longer warranties.

As an alternative, a Roofing Contractor in Oshkosh WI can install steel roofing or fiber-cement tiles. Fiber-cement is a mixture of cellulose and cement that creates a tile with an average service life of thirty years or more. Steel roofing is a stamped sheet of steel with a zinc or zinc-aluminum galvanized surface. The galvanizing allows the steel to withstand the elements longer. The main difference in the two coatings is that zinc-aluminum works better in salty areas. Steel roofing is generally warranted for fifty years and in some cases for the life of the home. Steel roofing can simulate most other roofing options including wood shake, clay tiles, and even asphalt shingles. To learn more, Visit

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